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The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that there is no great man for all ages and in all places like Chairman Kim Jong Il who worked at a simple office and train till the last moments of his life.

Chairman Kim Jong Il dedicated himself to the building of a prosperous nation and his people.

He, in his ordinary jumper and single padded clothes, led a frugal life with his people, he took a modest attitude toward the people to regard them with respect. He never allowed any privilege and preferential treatment for him and made ceaseless field guidance for the people, having a rice ball, a bowl of gruel and roast potatoes as his meal.

He, who led a common life with the people without any distinction, regarded himself as the son of the people.

The son of people, the august call tells the whole life of the Chairman who devoted his all to the people and his undying contribution to the people.

Indeed, Chairman Kim Jong Il is the man of people who dedicated his all to the nation and shared weal and woe with the people.

The Korean nation and humanity highly venerate Chairman Kim Jong Il as the unequaled great person who set an great example as the people’s leader with his popular character.

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