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Autograph enshrined in the minds of the Korean nation

Chairman Kim Jong Il, inspecting the monument dedicated to the President’s autograph on Nov. 24 1996, stressed that President Kim Il Sung’s life was that for national reunification.

Kim IlSung July 7, 1994”

President Kim Il Sung’s last autograph he made in a document related to reunification in the last moment of his life comprehends the immortal exploits of the President performed for the realization of Korea’s reunification.

For that reason, south Koreans warmly acclaim the President and are filled with ambition to fulfill his lifelong desire-national reunification.

July 7, 1994 is the day that is deeply inscribed the desire of President Kim Il Sung for reunification in the hearts of the Korean nation,” a professor in Seoul told his students.

President Kim Il Sung dedicated himself to the cause of national reunification.

He put his last signature on a historic document bringing about a radical change in overall national unity and reunification on July 7, 1994. To our regret, his heart stopped beating on the following day the eighth of July, a free-lancer wrote in his article.

Telling about the monument dedicated to the President’s final signature concerning national reunification to his students, a professor at Gangwon National University highly eulogized that this shows how President Kim Il Sungdevoted his all to the national reunification, indeed, he is the savior of national liberation and great father of the nation who dedicated himself to the great national unity and reunification throughout his life.

A resident in Gwangwon Province in south Korea, who has strong yearning for President Kim Il Sung, told his family:

Even after the lapse of time, I cannot forget President Kim Il Sung, who always say his greatest desire is national reunification to present to the nation as early as possible. The Korean nation remembers the President as his reunification policies are associated with love for the country, the nation and the people. He is the eternal sun of the nation whom the Korean people have to venerate generation after generation.

A member of pro-reunification body stressed that national reunification was the lifelong cause and ardent desire of President Kim Il Sung. We should hand down imperishable achievements of the President performed for the national reunification for all eternity.

Now the south Koreans have no doubt that led by Kim Jong Un, who carries forward the noble intention of the preceding leaders, the day of reunification will surely come true.

Deeply grieving over the national division, Kim Jong Un declared his will to fulfill the responsibility and role for the realization of the country’s reunification in his congratulatory speech delivered at the military parade held on April 15 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, a pro-reunification champion said and continued that the south Koreans are sure of his inflexible will to reunify the country when he visited the truce village of Panmunjom associated with undying exploits of the Chairman.

Referring to the fact that supreme leader Kim Jong Un said in his congratulatory speech delivered at the massive military and civilian parade to mark the 70th birthday of the Workers’ Party of Korea that the WPK will make proactive and persevering efforts to bring earlier the bright day of national reunification, the greatest wish of the Korean nation, resolutely frustrating all sorts of obstructive schemes by foreign forces by dint of single-hearted unity and Songun, a broad spectrum of south Koreans praised that he is the leader who devotes his all to the national reunification, true to behests of the preceding leaders.
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