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Behave Prudently!

On August 30, the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty, the Youth Party and the Progressive Federation of University Students of south Korea called a press conference in Seoul in denunciation of the US attitude to the expiration of GSOMIA.

Japan, far from apologizing past crimes including compulsory labor and comfort women it committed, regards south Korea as an enemy, the abrogation of GSOMIA is a due decision, a member of the Progressive Federation of University Students noted. 

We are driven into great fury by the fact that the US Congress and the Secretary of State Pompeo expressed their regret at the south Korean authorities’ decision of abrogation of GSOMIA, while putting pressure upon south Korea, he added. 

The US has always stood by Japan from long time ago. In 1905, Korea had been deprived of its right of diplomacy and military and sovereignty by the conclusion of Gatsura-Taft secret agreement. After Korea’s liberation, the US divided the south and the north of Korea into two not Japan a defeated nation, a member of the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty said.

Co-representative of the Youth Party pointed out that the US has applied a blind eye to Japan’s desperate effort of remilitarization and denial of past crimes.

They concluded the press conference with a tear of the flag of rising sun shedding rays and the Stars and Stripes, shouting slogans against the US. 

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