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Belligerent Military Nexus

The emergency people’s action for the resignation of the Park Geun-hye regime called a press conference on Feb. 2 in front of the government complex in protest against the US defense secretary’s junket to south Korea.

At the press conference, it clarified that the defense secretary’s junket to south Korea is aimed to put pressure on the DPRK, that the south Korean authorities are going to take the visit as an opportunity of escalating military tension with the help of the US and weathering their crisis, it charged.

The DPRK has bolstered the nuclear force as long as Seoul and Washington keep on pressure against the former under the signboard of the “DPRK’s nuclear threat”, it asserted.
The chief of the general staff of south Korean army requested nuclear triad of the US and the prime minister strongly demanded the projected introduction of THAAD to the US, it noted, adding it would carry on action against the south Korean, US and Japanese authorities who are keen on heightening tension in the northeast Asia.   

In actuality, the US Defense Secretary James Mattis stressed the need to push ahead with THAAD deployment during his junket to south Korea and the new US administration reaffirmed the sustainable maintenance of south Korea-US alliance.

Members of the action against deployment of THAAD and the people’s action for peace against war called a press conference in front of the Ministry of National Defense on Feb. 3. They demanded the immediate withdrawal of THAAD introduction inviting a war, saying that the authorities’ decision of projected deployment of THAAD without consensus of the people and parliament is not helpful to military efficiency and peace of the Korean Peninsula.

They staged a protest carrying slogan-boards written “No US THAAD”, “No war exercise! Peace talks first!”

They demanded the closure of a confab at which the military pressure upon the DPRK, the projected deployment of THAAD and the establishment of the triangular missile defense system would be discussed.   

The triangular defense missile system and alliance including the projected deployment of THAAD would spark a new cold war and arms race in the northeast Asia and wreck the peace on the Korean Peninsula, they rebuked.

The south Korean authorities, who are on the verge of bankruptcy by the impeachment of Park, rolled out the red carpet for the newly-appointed US defense secretary as if they meet the Messiah. It is a disgusting political cartoon conceived by the pro-US group incapable of maintain their life without help of the US.

The south Korean authorities have turned a deaf ear to the DPRK’s sincere proposal for pooling the nation’s will and efforts to usher in a heyday of the nationwide reunification movement and persisted in the inter-Korean confrontation in league with the US. They should know their attitude would help self-destruction.

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