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Benefactor of National Resurrection

President Kim Il Sung delivers a speech at a mass meeting of welcome held in Pyongyang
Benefactor of National Resurrection
August 15, 2013 marks the 68th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from the Japanese colonial rule.

With the approach of the day, the Korean people recall with deep emotion the enduring feats President Kim Il Sung performed to retake the country through 20-year-long anti-Japanese struggle.

The liberation brought a radical turn in the destiny of the Korean nation and opened a road for building socialism in Korea.

President Kim Il Sung, with a firm resolve not to return home before liberating Korea, embarked upon the road of revolution when he was young and formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union with young communists of the new generation.

Starting the revolutionary struggle in his teens, he founded the Juche idea as the guidelines for liberating the colonial nation and aroused all Koreans to the anti-Japanese struggle.

At a meeting of Korean revolutionaries in June 1930, he made a historic report “The Path of the Korean Revolution“.

In his speech he clarified the principle of the Juche idea which is widely known to the world as a guiding idea of the era of independence and put forth the line of the anti-Japanese armed struggle based on the Songun idea.

He founded the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerilla Army on April 25, 1932, making it possible for the Korean people to step up the struggle for the national liberation by their own armed forces.

He paid deep attention to arousing all Koreans to the sacred war of national liberation and rallying them as a strong force. To this end, he formed the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland in May 1936.

During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, he pushed through all sorts of trials with his Juche-based revolutionary lines, unique strategy and tactics and superb commanding art.

In order to bring about an upbeat in the struggle, he made the North Manchurian expedition and the 100-day-long Arduous March from Nanpaizi to Beidadingzi.

The Korean people highly respected him as the sun of the nation and determinedly turned out in the anti-Japanese struggle under his leadership to achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

After all, Korea was liberated and the Korean people could enjoy an independent and creative life in all fabrics of society as masters of their country and destiny.

Over the last 68 years since the liberation of the country, the Korean people started the socialist cause centered on the masses, firmly defended the sovereignty of the country and laid an eternal foundation for the prosperity of the nation.

Under the wise guidance of Kim Il Sung, the DPRK rose to fame in the world as an independent sovereign state and an invincible socialist power.

The DPRK people are now filled with fixed will to hold Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal sun of the nation and surely realize the national reunification under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, their supreme leader.

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