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Better to change signboard

 Of late, the south Korean Ministry of Unification behaves outrageously.

Newly-appointed Unification Minister Gwon Yeong-se and the persons concerned have trumpeted about “harmony with principle and practicality” and “practical and flexible examination”.

After the advent of the Yoon Suk-yeol regime, the Ministry of Unification has done its poor best in a bid to give impression that it is interested in national reunification.

What is important is that whether its attempt meets with expectation and intention of south Koreans.  

Yoon’s policy towards north Korea has come under fire from the presidential election as it is a replica of Lee Myung-bak’sadvertisement of “denuclearization, opening and 3 000 US$”.

The Yoon regime has persisted in “north Korea’s nuclear program renouncement first”. It is an unreasonable demand and distorted view of those who are ignorant of north Korea, a responsible nuclear weapons state with a great clout, and national significance.

As for the “principle” touted by the Yoon regime, national independence is the nucleus of the national issue.

The Yoon regime upgraded the south Korea-US alliance to a comprehensive one, turning a blind eye and ear to a subtle trick of the US which has pursued policy of division and estrangement of the other nations. It is beyond ignorance that the Yoon regime is going to come in touch with north Korea based on sticky cooperation with the US.

Yoon reached humiliating agreement of extended deterrence offered by the US and resumption of the south Korea-US council for extended deterrence at the south Korea-US summit meeting to derail inter-Korean ties.  

What should not be overlooked is the fact that the Yoon regime has persisted in the extension of scale of the south Korea-US joint military games, deployment of the US strategic triad in the Korean Peninsula and three-axis system of south Korea.

It proves his theory of preemptive strike on north Korea advertised during the presidential election is turning to reality.

The situation of the Korean Peninsula is turning sour again owing to foolhardy action of the Yoon regime and the south Korean people are in the constant grip of uneasiness and fear.

Nobody would lend an ear to “principle” and “practicality” hyped by the Ministry of Unification.

It is intolerable insult and frontal clash to national ardent aspiration for independent reunification as the Ministry of Unification is emphatic about “unification of Korea based on liberal democracy”.

The Yoon regime would follow in the footsteps of the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye regimes if it spouts a load of outdated and inflammatory remarks.

It is speechless with amazement that the Ministry of Unification, which has been under public censure, is in the head of carrying out confrontational policy of Yoon.

It is advisable to change the Ministry of Unification into the Ministry of Confrontation.

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