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Bill for self-ruin

Of late, Yoon’s treacherous group is hell bent on the revision of security strategy.

It is said that contents such as “escalation of north Korea’s nuke and missile threat”, “solidarity with allies” and “rapid development of the south Korea-US nexus” will be supplemented in the security strategy manuals to be amended including “Security Strategy”, “Strategy of National Defense”, and “Guide to War”.

It is a revision reflecting flimsy intention of the warmongers who are engrossed in faceoff with north Korea.

Powder-reeking revision of “security strategy” is thoroughly intended to accelerate preparation for invading north Korea.

Moreover, the Yoon gentry described the tightening of alliance between south Korea and the US tantamount to a war nexus as “solidarity” or “rapid development”. It is nothing but a visceral hint that they are going to beef up their capability to conduct war against north Korea by furthermore relying on the US.

If the wicked designs of the Yoon traitors’ group reflected in the “security strategy” come true, it is as plain as a pikestaff that the prevailing grave situation of the Korean Peninsula will be pushed to more critical phase.

The reality clearly proves again that traitorous Yoon’s clique is not only a mastermind of worsening the present situation but the root of evil causing a future catastrophe.

Rashness is bound to bring about disaster.

The Yoon gentry make all kinds of desperate efforts to make up for its military inferiority and attain military superiority over north Korea by depending on the US, but it is no more than an ill-advised bravery of war maniac.

Yoon’s revision of “security strategy” will for sure invite self-destruction.

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