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Black-hearted Thought

South Korean president Park Geun-hye grumbled that the “labor reform” proposed by the south Korean authorities failed to run through the national assembly owing to the opposition party’s veto as if she has great interest in the workers’ rights to existence.  

While advertising the solution to youth’s employment, she put forward policy of “concession of older generation.”

In a word, it is aimed to throw money to the youth employment with the wage cut of people retirement approaching.

The gradual worsening youth unemployment cannot be solved through the wage cut of the older generation.

The business groups have sought their profit under the patronage of the south Korean authorities engrossing in pro-conglomerate policy from the outset of power, meanwhile, they have threatened the workers with dismissal, seriously infringing on the people’s rights to existence.

The unemployment and economic distress drive the south Korean youth to give up love, marriage, delivery, house, human relations, hope and dream.

The National Statistical Office made public that the youth unemployment topped high against the last year since the standard of statistic had been changed from 1999.

According to a survey, the vocabulary related to the youth was employment not dream, future, affection and success.

The south Korean youth brand south Korea as a land full of disgust and Hades.

The opposition party and workers sharply assail Park and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions declared the destruction of compromise between the workers, business groups and government and vowed to wage actions against the authorities’ policy against them.
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