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Blamed “long journey for people”

The leadership of opposition Liberty Korea Party, which blocked bill on reform that was under discussion at the parliament by means of violence, is making a tour across south Korea to win popularity.  

On May 10, students affiliated to the Progressive Federation of University Students of North Gyeongsang Province held a news conference to lash out at Hwang Gyo-ahn’s visit to Daegu.  

The students censured that Hwang, who had stymied the progress of investigation into sunken ferry Sewol and been involved in dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party, is the source of evil. They urged him to stop his “journey for the people”. 

After Hwang’s departure, they chanted slogans “Break up the LKP” and “Punish Hwang”, saying Daegu is no longer a garden for the LKP.

On May 14, civic organizations in Daegu lashed out at Hwang, who was on a visit to Daegu, by saying the LKP and Hwang should not deceive the people with the veil of “long journey for the people”, the only wish of the people is the dissolution of the LKP.

The coteries of LKP threw the parliament into a disorder and vociferating “leftist dictatorship”, while touring across south Korea. However, they meet only angry public feelings demanding the dissolution of the LKP. 

It is a miscalculation that the group of LKP takes the tonsure and holds rallies across south Korea to win popularity, the south Korean people deride.
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