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Blessed Women

The International Women’s Day has come in the blessed land where all ideals of people are realized with joy thanks to supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The DPRK women, who enjoy a worthwhile life as flowers of the era and society, greet the day with pride through the grand advance toward the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The advancing women have dignified appearance.

Of them, there are female personnel who serve the people in good faith, female scientists who devote their all for the prosperity of the country and female workers, farmers and sportswomen who support the party and country and glorify the honor of the country with their patriotic dedication and efforts.

From olden times, women have been compared to flowers.

The flowers will be in full bloom only under the sun.

Today’s happy lives of the DPRK women are unthinkable apart from the warmest love of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The President invested the DPRK’s women, who had regarded the contemptuous treatment and discrimination as their fate, with the equality of the sexes and made them dignified master of country and society who turn one of the wheels of revolution.

The Chairman made a lot of female pioneers of the era and heroines. Saying that the women who have supported the WPK despite the hard trials must be more beautiful, he gave the women cosmetics commemorating the International Women’s Day in one year. In a word, he gave the great love to the women of the DPRK.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un succeeds to great love of the President and Chairman.

He presented the DPRK women with the Breast Tumor Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, which are called as a “parental home” by them, and expressed his satisfaction with great pleasure.

He is a benevolent father who expressed his cordiality to the wives of military personnel and had photographs taken with praiseworthy female soldiers one by one.

He is a leader of people who glorified the life of an unassuming female scientist a patriotic life and gave the great honor to the winning sportswomen.

Under his warm care, the DPRK are admired as the blessed land of women while the miserable women shed tears complaining their destinies throughout the world.

In the blessed land, there is “maiden mother” who brings up several orphans and the heroines, female doctors and labor innovators are increasing.

“Leader Kim Jong Un is the best in the world!”

This word is a blessed DPRK women’s declaration of strong faith from their hearts to the world.

Only when the Korean nation advances straightly along the glorious way which supreme leader Kim Jong Un indicates them, Korea’s reunification will surely come true and the south Korean women as well as women of the DPRK will enjoy a happy life.

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