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Boundless laudation for Songun politics

Now south Koreans are confident the future of north Korea that is making a dynamic progress under the Songun-based leadership of Kim Jong Un, the illustrious commander born of Heaven, is rosy and the dawn of Korea’s reunification will come true without fail.

The south Koreans said with their reverence for Kim Jong Un:

“Victory and glory are in store for the Korean nation as long as Kim Jong Unhastens the triumph of the Songun revolution with his unsurpassed nerve.” “Let us turn out in a sacred campaign for reunification to be guided by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.”

 “Songun politics stands for life of the Korean nation and dignity. We should absolutely support the Songun politics. It is natural duty and moral obligation of the south Koreans who live on the Songun politics. Those who are politicians, men of wealth or believers with conscience and obligation should express their heartfelt thanks to the Songun politics and offer unstinted support to it.

The south Koreans should devote their hearts and souls to Songun politics of north Korea defending the destiny of the nation without allowing foreign intervention. Let us give full support to Songun politics of north Korea safeguarding the Korean nation, irrespective of political view, religion, party affiliation and property status.” A south Korean professor of political science wrote in his article. 

“Of course, there are dominant cause in deciding strength and weakness of the national power. However, the foremost criterion of the national power is to have access to strong military muscle and it is possible only when a nation has a peerless person possessed of outstanding, seasoned military leadership and stratagem.

Under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, the greatest persons and generals, the Korean People’s Army turned into the strongest army in the world and now the KPA gives full play to its might as an invincible one throughout the globe under the command of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un,” a south Korean dissident said.  

 “The Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Ilwill be carried on by First Chairman Kim Jong Un. Now the world focuses on the First Chairman.

It is a unified opinion of critics at home and abroad that his politics is based on Songun ideology and method of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, a researcher of an institute said with confidence.

The south Koreans’ immense reverence for Songun politics of Kim Jong Un are being widely introduced by south Korean mass media.

The south Korean mass media wrote that they feel sure of eternal prosperity of the Korean nation and rosy future of reunification as Kim Jong Un defends peace and stability of the nation, while thwarting blatant challenge of the US and hostile elements on the strength of Songun.

A south Korean online newspaper Jajuminbowrote that Kim Jong Un’s inspection of Panmunjom in broad daylight is an expression of his matchless grit and strong will to reunify the country; it stressed.  

 “There is a photo the south Korean mass media presented in reference to Kim Jong Un’s inspection of Panmunjom. He was looking the south side through binoculars from the Panmun Pavilion. On that day, he, his face beaming with a broad smile, had a photo session with his suites and service personnel in Panmunjom. He touched combat boots with his hands and had a photograph taken with the people making meals for the service personnel.”

His inspection of Panmunjom is a counteraction to the US-led military exercises and shows his strong pluck.

They say Kim Jong Un keeps to his determination and takes an immediate action.

One would be seriously mistaken if they belittle adamantine resolution and merciless strike of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

Ardent are the south Koreans’ positive support to the Songun politics which ensures peace on the Korean Peninsula and opens up a wide avenue for national reunification and their admiration for Kim Jong Un, the brilliant commander of Songun. 

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