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Break up the UFP!

South Koreans of various circles strongly demand dissolution of the opposition United Future Party, a hotbed of deep-rooted evils.    

The Progressive Federation of Students and the Youth Party staged vehicles demonstration on June 27, while honking simultaneously.



The UFP, which has absented itself from the National Assembly, should be dissolved, the representative of the Youth Party said.

The People’s Sovereignty Solidarity of Gyeongsang Province and the Progressive Federation of Students of Gyeongsang Province called a news conference in demand of dissolution of the UFP hampering steering of the National Assembly, reform of the prosecution and the establishment the office for investigation into corruption of public officials.  


The UFP, an obsolete political group, should pay heed to the voice of the people and be dissolved itself, they asserted.

The UFP, swimming against the people’s desire for peace and unification, should be dissolved without delay.


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