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Breaking with diplomacy submitting to America

 The south Korean authorities are worrying over the forthcoming south Korea-US summit meeting that it would face cold shoulder and pressure from the US. 

The US would exert pressure upon south Korea to become a member of the Quad in the summit meeting and south Korea would get nothing through the summit conference, the diplomatic officials concerned are fidgety over it.  

The south Korean authorities have nothing to discuss with the US for the present and the US administration has taken an indifferent attitude toward issue of vaccine and other discussions.   

The south Korean authorities have failed to maintain its independent stand on the issues of north Korea and foreign affairs, reading face of the US. Eventually, they are being driven into a tight corner, the political analysts commented. 

The south Korean authorities are always obedient to the US and failing to utter even a word of protest against the US. It would only spawn knotty problems, the south Korean mass outlets charged. 

National self-esteem is trampled down by the south Korean authorities’ subservient diplomacy. South Koreans from various circles strongly assert that the south Korean authorities should break with the policy of dependence on foreign forces to reject pressure and cold treatment of the foreign forces and wipe away national disgrace. 

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