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Brilliant national liberation achievements

 The 77th anniversary of historic Korea’s liberation is drawing nearer.

On the day, the Korean nation pays high tribute to President Kim Il Sung who led the anti-Japanese war to a shining victory to achieve the historic cause of national liberation and opened up a fresh era of the DPRK.   

The national liberation achieved by the President was an event of historic significance which brought a new morning of national resurrection and made a radical turn in carving out the destiny of the Korean people.

President Kim Il Sung was the legendary hero for all ages and peerless patriot whom the Korean nation acclaimed for the first time in its five thousand years of history.

President Kim Il Sung had defeated one million strong army of Japanese imperialism styling itself the “leader” of Asia with his ever-changing guerrilla war methods, tactics and the art of leadership.

The President had left bloody traces in every range and stream of Mt Paektu, the River Amnok and the River Tuman for two decades. Thanks to his guidance, the dark age of national distress was brought to an end and the Korean nation was able to be free from statelessness.

With the national liberation, Korea was reverberated with hurrah of “Long live General Kim Il Sung!” and “Long live Korean independence!” The Korean nation burst into tears of gratitude for the President.

After the country’s liberation, the President had built the country for the people in the DPRK to strike the world with admiration.

The undying exploits of the President, who made his unbounded devotion and efforts for the country’s liberation, prosperity of the future generations to come and human cause of independence at the center of world politics in the 20th century, will go down in history of the country.

The immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung was carried through by Chairman Kim Jong Il. His achievements are shining by the prominent leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.  

Kim Jong Un makes the DPRK as a power of Juche to be admired by the world with his rare political caliber, outstanding leadership and ardent love for the people, true to the revolutionary cause of the President and the Chairman.

Led by Kim Jong Un, the lifelong desire of the President and the Chairman are being translated into reality and the DPRK displays its national dignity all over the world, adding luster to the era of our state-first principle.

The Korean nation has good luck of having Kim Jong Un on the highest post of the nation.

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