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Calling for acceleration of reunification

 The south Korean progress organizations of all strata harden their determination to accelerate the struggle for the independent reunification in 2022.

The national reunification cannot be achieved when it fails to maintain the spirit of national independence and has no will to solve the question of the nation independently, the civil organizations including the South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration, Headquarters of Youth and students and the Pan National Alliance for Inter-Korean Reconciliation and Cooperation said. They called for the people to make a dynamic struggle by frustrating the challenge of separatists and warmongers through a year-end party and New Year’s party.

The US intervention in south Korean domestic affairs, war threat and policy of division hinder implementation of inter-Korean Joint Declarations. Let’s make south Korea obedient to the US into the one disobedient to the US, they appealed the people to drive out the US troops from south Korea and achieve independent reunification by joint efforts of the Korean nation in 2022.

They expressed their resolve to reject the south Korea-US joint military game, reinforcement of the armed forces and increase of military expenditure and conduct various campaigns to implement the Inter-Korean Joint Declarations.

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