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Campaign for arresting Lee Myung-bak

South Koreans of all strata conducted a campaign for arresting Lee Myung-bak in various parts of Seoul on Jan. 6.

A candlelight action took place around Lee’s house under the sponsorship of the Headquarters of All-People Action to Punish Lee Myung-bak and “Commando for Seizing MB”.

Attending it were civilians of various strata from across south Korea.

The participants held a demo from Hakdong Station to Lee’s house before holding a candlelight rally.

They encircled Lee’s house to hold the candlelight rally, raising cry in demand of his confinement.   

Four rivers have been seriously contaminated by Lee, they said.  

Speakers at the rally said that there are many reasons for arresting Lee Myung-bak such as irregularities and corruption, crackdown upon media and import of American beef.

Lee was greedy for money during his tenure of office and he was indifferent to the people suffering dire poverty, they charged.

Meanwhile, there took place another candlelight rally outside the Sejong Cultural Center under the sponsorship of the Citizens Alliance for Arresting MB.

Lee helped Park Geun-hye to win presidency through the fraudulent election by mobilizing the National Intelligence Service, they denounced. 

The participants stressed that it is necessary to arrest Lee Myung-bak in order to clean up deep-rooted evils and reform the society completely.

At the same time, a one million-signature campaign started in demand of his detention.

The struggle of south Korean people to punish Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye, the authors of social evils and irregularities, is growing intense.   
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