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Candlelight campaign for peace conducted in Japan

Some days ago, Koreans in Japan conducted a candlelight campaign for peace in Tokyo, putting up placards reading “A cease-fire for 70 years, peace for the Korean Peninsula” and “Stop the south Korea-US joint military drill, withdraw strategic assets”.

About 30 Koreans and representatives of Japanese civil organizations participated.

The object of the campaign is to make it clear that the author of the increased danger of war is the US, they announced.

The participants, carrying placards with “Resignation of Yoon” and “Opposition to south Korea, the US and Japan’s military cooperation!”, gave a performance in opposition to deployment of US strategic assets to Korean Peninsula and dispatch of Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

They issued an appeal to stop the south Korea-US joint military drills and strongly denounce the military nexus between south Korea, the US and Japan, the deployment of the US strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and the security assistance between south Korea and Japan.

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