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Caricature, chief attraction of popularity

 According to south Korean mass media, a caricature depicting Yoon Suk-yeol attracts a blaze of publicity at a caricature festival sponsored by a south Korean body.

  The caricature titled “Yoon Suk-yeol Train”, which a student of high school submitted to the festival, was honored with gold prize.

  A train depicted with face of Yoon is running toward the people. The people ran away in astonishment. His wife Kim Keon-hee gave a tactful smile at a driver’s cab. Prosecutors, henchmen of Yoon, wielding swords are depicted in the caricature.


  It depicted Kim Keon-hee, who has commanded of national administration over the head of Yoon, and her puppet Yoon, he is a simpleton but obeys her word well, his wife once said, the caricature proves her word, the caricature portrays Yoon, who has engaged himself in suppression of his political rivals, heedless of people’s wellbeing, spectators commented.  

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