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Caveat to Uncle Sam

On Nov. 21, the Paektu safeguard group was formed. It sent an open warning to the US and anti-reunification elements and started its activity.     

A new history is starting in 2018, however, the US is interfering in inter-Korean relations. Who is not witnessing the current situation of the Korean Peninsula? We issue a stern warning to the US. We will not allow any obstructive moves toward Korea’s reunification and don’t disturb peaceful efforts of the south and the north of Korea, the group strongly criticized the US at a news conference on the day.    

The Liberty Korea Party is hindering the process of requiring yes or no over the National Assembly ratification of the Panmunjeom and Pyongyang Declarations, it has turned its back on the peaceful reunification as it maintained its power under the pretext of the acute situation in the Korean Peninsula and the group would not tolerate the LKP’s vicious move in the future, it pointed out. 

The group read out a letter warning to the US and made scuffle with the police to convey the letter to the US embassy.

The group declared that it would carry on actions against the hostile elements hampering the expected Seoul inter-Korean summit.
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