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Children in the DPR Korea

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un among children

Kim Jong Un, President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, cherishing the ennobling view that only when children smile brightly can the whole country be filled with cheerful atmosphere, is making sure that children are provided with the best of things.

He makes sure that modern hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens are established for the children, and poses with them for souvenir photographs.

On International Children’s Day and New Year’s Day, he first visited orphans to celebrate the holidays with them; feeling still unsatisfied even when he had new houses built for them, he took a measure for supplying fish to all the orphans in the country, calculating in his notebook how much fish would be needed if it was to be supplied to all of them.

At his initiative the Workers’ Party of Korea adopted it as a policy to supply the children across the country with dairy and other kinds of nutritious foodstuffs at state expense. Paying close attention even to their school things, satchels and uniforms, he makes sure that the state bears full responsibility for creating all necessary conditions for the children to learn and grow.

He regards the work for the good of the children as the most important of state affairs. Under his care the children are held in affection as kings and queens of the country.

This is why they call him father.

As a tree on a fertile soil grows tall, the Korean children are growing into pillars of the country, masters of the future, under his warm care.

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