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Clear Answer on Independent Politics

Political independence is the first criterion of any sovereign state. If a political power fails to administer an independent politics, it is impossible to defend dignity and interests of a nation and people cannot save themselves from the destiny of colonial slavery. 

The president of a country who was on a visit to Pyongyang, in his meeting with President Kim Il Sung, asked what is the way of maintaining independence.  

A person takes food when it is good, and spits it out when it is bad, a nation should apply foreign things to meet specific conditions of their country, said the President. 

President Kim Il Sungsaid in his meeting with the Party and Government Delegation of the Guinean Republic visiting the DPRK in December of Juche 61 (1972): In view of taking food, it differs with countries, some nations have food with spoon, fork or chopsticks and some nations take it with the fingers. Fork is not a favorite mean to the people of different countries. Likewise, every nation should push the revolution and construction to suit specific conditions of each nation.   

Different countries have different national peculiarities, specific conditions, people’s desire and demand, the sentiments of life and custom. It is a prerequisite to maintain one’s own identity in shaping a line and policy of a nation. So there is no stereotyped manner or invariable formula for every nation in any era. 

Since he embarked on the road of the revolution, President Kim Il Sung regarded it as an iron rule to frame an independent line and policy, attaching importance to the Korean revolution and proceeding from the realities and interest of Korea under all circumstances. 

This is a lifetime political creed of the President. 

In the whole process of leading the revolution and construction, he set an example in building an independent society to be followed by the world progressives by formulating the independent line and policy reflecting the Korean people’s intention and demand and specific conditions of the country and enforcing it from beginning to end.  

He had another principle that he maintained in the course of leading the revolution and construction. 

He maintained the creative stand and always adhered to the Juche-based principle in approaching older theories and experience.  

History of outstanding leadership of President Kim Il Sung, who adopted independence as his political creed throughout his life and maintained it with consistency in whatever adverse situation, was a course of making a new history and independent track in carving out the destiny of the world progressives aspiring after independence. 

The independent politics administered by President Kim Il Sung had been enriched by the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Iland is being successfully carried forward by the dear respected Kim Jong Un.
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