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Clear Teachings

Having been endowed with humanness, boundless in width and depth President Kim Il Sung met party and state leaders as well as a large number of prominent figures in the political, social and academic circles of various countries of the world, who aspired for independence. He gave clear answer with plain story to them what they want to know.

 Anyone who had ever met him, although they had different ideologies and political views, expressed boundless admiration and respect for him as they were attracted by his personality.

This is a paragraph from the treatise “The Great Kim Il Sung Is the Eternal Leader of Our Party and Our People” written by Marshal Kim Jong Un.

One year, President Kim Il Sung received the party delegation of a country.

The head of the delegation requested the President to indicate the way of strengthening the party.
The President sank himself in thought for a while and asked him if he knows how bees maintain their life. 

The head of delegation failed to give the answer to his unexpected question. 

With a beaming smile on his face, the President said that bees live, centering on a queen bee, of course, it is a natural phenomenon by instinct, and it can be likened to the issue of consolidating the party.

Just as worker bees form a group and live in a disciplined way, centering on a queen bee, so the collective must have a center and discipline. Strengthening the party requires, first of all, the firm unity and cohesion of the whole party, centering on the leader, said the President.

They, who got the clear teachings of the President who indicated the problem of strengthening the party with the natural phenomenon, were deeply moved by sagacity of the President.
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