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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

Fifty-six years have elapsed since the south Korean people launched struggle against south Korea-Japan talk.

  The struggle against the south Korea-Japan talk which was carried out from March to June of 1964 was an expression of towering anger of the people who would not tolerate treacherous act of military fascist dictatorship.

  Students including broad segments of south Korean people demonstrated to the world national independent consciousness, carrying placards written with “stop south Korea-Japan talk”, “stamp out Japanese imperialism” and “Park, stop humiliating diplomacy toward Japan” and gave a heavy blow to treacherous betrayal of Park.

  Over half a century has passed since then but the desire of the resistants’ has not yet been realized.  

  Japan is making desperate efforts to realize its wild ambition for reinvasion, while denying its unhappy crime.

 Far from making a sincere apology and compensation to the Korean nation, the Japanese reactionaries have distorted not only their criminal brutalities but also provoked economic war. It has made frantic effort to realize the old dream of “the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”, asserting dominium over Tok island which is belong to Korea.

  The current situation touches off the south Korean people’s ill-feelings towards Japan which is mad about realization of its militarist ambition.

  Nevertheless, the south Korea conservative forces are covering Japanese reactionaries’ crime.

The conservative forces have spoken ill of the south Korean people’s anti-Japanese struggle as anti-Japanese tribalism and made mad remarks that the colonial domination of Japan made a contribution to the development of the Korean Peninsula.

  The conservative forces are the pro-Japanese elements to the letter.

  The south Korean people are shouting the slogans “general election is just the war between south Korea and Japan”, “let’s make the National Assembly for the people”, “let’s make national assembly without pro-Japanese elements” and “judge pro-Japanese politician”.

  The south Korean people from all walks of life should make vigorous endeavors to wipe away the conservative forces in the spirit of the March 24 and June 3 resistances.

March, 24, 2020

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