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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

The south Korean military made “Military Plan 2050” to open to public.  

The military is showing off it as the building of an elite troops and reorganization of army equipped with latest technology.

It is a serious challenge to the Korean nation desirous of peace as the military revealed its sinister intention to   face off with north Korea.

With the publication of the plan, it is clear that the military is going to support the US war scenario against north Korea and neighbor nations and its strategy for Indian Pacific.

It is laughable that the military is dreaming about the elite troops with latest technology as it is under the command of the US. 

It is a ridiculous act of a mudfish trying to become a dragon in the sky.

It is by no means fortuitous that south Korean people of all strata are passing incisive criticism on the plan of south Korean military as an intemperate dream.

The AINDF would resolutely frustrate the vicious moves of the military to reinforce arms by waging a dynamic action together with the people of all circles.

March 7, 2020


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