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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

Some days ago, south Korean Minister of Defense Chung Gyeong-doo made a visit to the US to betrays once again his true colors of confrontation with north Korea.

He, at an informal gathering, said that the south Korea-US alliance is a robust groundwork for peace and security of the Korean Peninsula, while expressing his gratitude to his counterpart for the US “sacrifice and devotion.”

He revealed his sinister attempt to realize complete denuclearization and establishment of permanent peace in the Korean Peninsula on the basis of the south Korea-US alliance and escalate confrontational cooperation with the US.

His junket was designed to get a new instruction from the US and consult sinister scheme with the US.

His junket to the US showed that the south Korean military authorities’ obedience to the US when south Korea is now beset by fear of rapid spread of COVID-19.

Great irony is that Chung ingratiated himself with his counterpart by use of flowery words. However, he came under pressure of hike of defense sharing cost, deployment of THAAD and the extension of general security of military intelligence agreement with Japan.

Their lip-service to the south Korea-US alliance and flattery to the US only invite contempt.

South Korean people of every degree should face up the lopsided south Korea-US relations and make vigorous endeavors to achieve genuine sovereignty.

March 7, 2020


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