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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

Of late, the south Korean authorities have built international public opinion on inter-Korean cooperation.

The south Korean chief executive is busy to recover inter-Korean cooperation, saying that he would push ahead the improvement of inter-Korean relationship.  

He pretends to be concerned about “transformation” in inter-Korean cooperation and builds up public opinion as if some inter-Korean dialogues are underway.  

  It is disgusting behavior to befog their blunder of keeping inter-Korean relations at the lowest ebb.

It is a well-known fact that inter-Korean agreements were reduced to a blank sheet of paper as the south Korean authorities have pursued the US hostile policy toward and war maneuvers against north Korea.

It is impudent that the south Korean authorities have talked about the improvement of inter-Korean ties.

The broad segments of south Korean people should accelerate their struggle, bearing in mind inter-Korean relations would remain at the lowest ebb as long as they pursue pro-US sycophancy and war maneuvers against north Korea. 

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