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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

In recent, the south Korean authorities put forth “strategy for diplomacy and security 3.0” to advertise south Korea as a leading state.

It is a lie that provokes a side-splitting laughter.

It is an open secret that south Korea has no fixed view and identity of its own in dealing with external relations and it has read other’s faces.

The south Korean authorities, which are obedient to the US in every dimension of political, diplomatic and military fields, have no its own independent diplomacy and strategy and “a leading state” is unbecoming for south Korea.

“Inter-Korean relations in peace and coexistence” claimed by the south Korean authorities pushed hard-won inter-Korean ties to a total stalemate as they asked for the Uncle Sam’s approval.

It is the height of shameless that they advertised “establishment of new peace mechanism of the Korean Peninsula” while conducting joint war games against north Korea and strengthening arms buildup with the US.  It is a word-play that they have claimed “peace-oriented security mechanism” as they pushed the situation to the extreme.

The “establishment of multilateral security cooperation in northeast Asia” claimed by the south Korean authorities is an overt declaration that south Korea would stand in the van in realizing the US strategy for supremacy in Asia.

The AINDF would carry on struggle against the south Korean authorities’ pro-US sycophantic and anti-national act without interruption together with the people of various circles.   

March 4, 2020


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