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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

The US Department of Defense earmarked a billion US$ of budget for missile defense of 2021 in a bid to enhance its capability and operation of the THAAD that has been deployed in south Korea and different parts of the world.  

The US disassembled THAAD launch pad in North Gyeongsang Province and remodeled its firing system with remote control. It deployed some launch pads in north areas and is going to expand operation sphere of THAAD and operate interception system of Patriot with remote control through radar of THAAD.  

The US notified the south Korean authorities about it and has bulldozed south Korea into paying expenses for THAAD.

The south Korean authorities are taking a humiliating attitude.

It is a dangerous military maneuver driving the situation of the Korean Peninsula and other regions to extreme phase and a grave challenge to the Korean nation opposing deployment of THAAD.  

The facts betray once again the true colors of the US and its followers to take military supremacy in the Asia-Pacific region and perfect the preparation for a nuclear war.

It is an act of treachery to the public that the south Korean authorities are taking active part in enhancing capability and operation of THAAD.

Moreover, they are going to allot a stupendous amount of money for THAAD with blood tax of the people.

Civic organizations are standing firm against additional and forward deployment of THAAD. 

The AINDF, together with the people of various circles, would launch a stubborn action to remove THAAD seriously menacing the destiny of the nation and exacerbating the situation of the Korean Peninsula other regions out of the Korean Peninsula. 


February 24, 2020


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