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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

The south Korean authorities are revealing its sinister attempt to take part in the US-led combined military drill in a foreign nation.

They are going to take part in the combined military exercises to be conducted in American mainland as well as in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand and Mongolia this year and also in alien countries in 2021 and 2022.

It is an open hostility against north Korea and intolerable pro-US sycophantic attitude and warlike acts as the south Korean authorities intend to increase the number of its participation and scale.

They have talked about “dialog” and “peace” so far.

Their lip-service is full of deception and it’s clear as noonday that who deteriorates inter-Korean relations and disturbs peace of the Korean Peninsula.

 It’s no doubt that the military authorities are warmongers enjoying war gamble. 

It’s miserable that the south Korean troops are being used as a tool for strategy of world hegemony and cannon fodder of war.

The military authorities should not employ all sorts of sleight of hand.

No one would be cheated by the double-dealing behavior of the south Korean military authorities wild about war maneuvers against north Korea, while paying lip-service to peace. 

Their sinister military confrontational moves against north Korea can’t be covered up though they conduct war exercises far away from the Korean Peninsula.  

  Peace can be achieved only by a struggle.

South Korean people from all walks of life should foil reckless acts of the south Korean authorities by dint of a powerful peace campaign against imperialism.

February 18, 2020

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