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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

South Korean people of all social strata and progressive organizations are carrying on a sustained struggle in demand of acquittal of students who have been in prison on charge of surprise demonstration in the US embassy in Seoul.

 Some days ago, a meeting was held outside the Seoul detention house with attendance of hundreds of members of the organizations under the sponsorship of the Progressive Federation of University Students.

They asserted that the surprise demonstration was the righteous action declaring the dignity of the south Korean people to the US which regards south Korea as a tributary. 

However, the south Korean authorities have taken the students into custody until now.

The south Korean authorities have criminalized the public indignation at the modern-version government-general which regards south Korea as a colony and coerces the overseas dispatch. It is a disgrace and betrayal to the public sentiment.  

Current situation proves that independence and patriotism are outlawed and submission and treachery are embellished legality in south Korea.

It is quite natural that the struggle against the south Korean authorities, which have put the students behind bars, is growing stronger day by day.

The broad spectrum of south Koreans would accelerate the struggle to release the students as soon as possible.

February 3, 2020


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