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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

Overawed by the US pressure, the south Korean authorities decided dispatch of the south Korean troops, which are on duty at the Gulf of Aden, to the Strait of Hormuz.  

It is intolerable as it is a pro-US sycophancy and anti-national act to offer the south Korean youth to the US for the bullet-shields.

Broad segments of south Korean people are strongly denouncing the decision of dispatch to the Strait of Hormuz, branding it as participation in a war of imperialism and unconditional submission to the US.

The south Korean authorities are making a string of poor excuses, however, it is a sophistry to appease the enraged people and justify their humiliating attitude toward the US.

It is a foolish delusion that the south Korean authorities harbor idea that the US would lower the defense sharing cost in return for the troop dispatch.  

The abject plight of the south Korean authorities remain unchanged. 

Owing to the south Korean authorities’ pro-US sycophantic policy, the inter-Korean ties still remain at the lowest ebb.

History and reality show that dependence on foreign force would invite misfortune, misery and death.

It is the tragedy that the south Korea authorities are unaware of how the world goes around.

The AINDF, together with the south Korean people of all social standings, would put an end to the US domination and subordination and wage a powerful action to terminate disgraceful history of flunkeyism and submission.


February 3, 2020
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