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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

Of late, the south Korean authorities are pushing forward risky policy of defense industry with an ambition to stand in confrontation with north Korea.

They are going to develop latest weaponry, while speeding up development and production of light helicopter and training planes, development of fighters and spy satellite, development of tactical information communication and sound detector and mass production of medium-range torpedo.  

Clamoring about switchover of the defense industry from mimicry to leading one, they are going to develop intelligent drones and warships by introducing the 4th technology of industrial revolution.

They made institutional mechanism that propels the civic business groups to develop weapons by railroading “an act on development of national defense technology” through the parliament.

 It is manifestation of black-hearted intention of the south Korean military to stand in standoff with north Korea as the latest war hardware introduced and developed by them are all against north Korea to all intents and purposes.

It is the height of impudence that they talked about “peace” in public and persisted in inter-Korean faceoff afterwards.

The AINDF would accelerate vigorous drive against scheme of the south authorities to develop war hardware with outdated daydream of inter-Korean confrontation, running counter to the people’s desire for peace.


July 19, 2020


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