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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

In recent, broad segments of south Koreans strongly demand suspension of south Korea-US joint military exercise scheduled to be conducted in August of this year.

It is a righteous assertion reflecting the unanimous will of the south Korean people from all social standings who know riskiness and seriousness of the joint war game destabilizing peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

Nevertheless, the south Korean trigger-happy group is laying bare its intention to carry out the joint maneuver under the pretext of the return of wartime operation control, running counter to the public feelings. 

All the military rehearsals have been suspended due to worldwide spread of COVID-19 and ceasefire is proclaimed in dispute-torn areas.

The number of infection cases of COVID-19 is on the steady increase in south Korea. Moreover, COVID-19 cases are being confirmed among the US forces in south Korea.

It is beyond doubt that the joint military exercise would derail the situation of the Korean Peninsula as it is a military provocation against the same brethren.

The current situation goes to prove that the south Korean military group persist in the tension of the peninsula and inter-Korean confrontation, regardless of the people’s safety and peace of the peninsula.

It is quite natural that the south Koreans of various circles are calling for an immediate stop to the joint war game, the root of coiling up the tension of the Korean Peninsula, expressing their strong opposition to belligerent moves of the US and south Korean military.

The AINDF, together with the people desirous of peace, would launch a vigorous action against the military provocation pursued by the pro-US elements.  


July 6, 2020



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