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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

Some days ago, the US Department of State delivered diplomatic confidential papers related to the Gwangju massacre to south Korea. 

The papers comprise in the fiendish barbarities perpetrated by the Chun Doo-hwan military fascist group against the Gwangju citizens.

It brought light to the atrocities committed by the Chun military clique and betrayed impudence of Chun and the conservative force.  

 As the US admitted the massacre, brazenness of the Chun group and the conservative force do not go down with the public.

The US knew the inside story of the massacre but the US overlooked it and instigated the Chun military clique to the massacre. The US had worn a double face.   

Nevertheless, the US has not made public its dastardly scheme and made a sincere apology.

Chun and the conservative force have not admitted the carnage they perpetrated and they are dead-set against investigation into the massacre and punishment of those who are accountable for the massacre. 

A broad spectrum of south Koreans are required to wage a stronger actions against the US and conservatism.

June 1, 2020


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