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Commentary of AINDF spokesman

The US and the south Korean military authorities have conduct war maneuver against north Korea.

The south Korean air force of F-15Ks, KF-16s and F-16 fighters were involved in the combined aerial drill with the US air force in south Korea from April 20 to 24.

 Landing transport ships, landing crafts, armored vehicles and helicopters were involved in joint marine landing operation under the command of the army, the navy and air forces in the sea off Pohang of North Gyeongsang Province on April 23.

On April 27, they conducted aerial drill for an actual war with involvement of twenty fighters including F-15Ks, KF-16s and FA-50s, clamoring about “deterrence of the enemy’s provocation”.

Meantime, the US and Japan carried out the combined aerial drill involving “B-1B’supersonic strategic bomber called “sworn of death”, F-16s and F-2s affiliated to the air Self-Defense Force of Japan in the northern oversea sky of Japan adjacent to the Korean Peninsula.

 This is an overt military confrontation declaration against north Korea and dangerous act wreaking peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

No matter what the south Korean military authorities embellish war maneuvers as “regular and ordinary exercise”, their aggressive and provocative character aiming at aerial preemptive strike at a point of military importance and landing of north Korea cannot be hidden.

Broad segments of south Korean people are required to carry on stubborn actions against north Korea-targeted joint military exercise escalating the tensions of the Korean Peninsula.


May 2, 2020


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