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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

The south Korean and US air forces conducted a joint aerial drill from April 20 to 24.

The fighters including F-16s, F-15Ks and KF-16s were involved in the joint aerial drill. It is a dangerous provocation wrecking peace and security and escalating tensions of the Korean Peninsula.

The south Korea and US air forces have carried out the drill against north Korea.

The south Korea and US air forces conducted Vigilant Ace with involvement of several kinds of fighters and they introduced long-distance strategic bombers and stealth fighters in 2017.

The belligerent south Korean and US forces have driven the situation of the Korean Peninsula into an alarming phase with their reckless joint aerial drill.

The resumption of the joint drill is aimed at pushing the situation of the peninsula to the worst phase.

The international community is making an all-out effort to prevent COVID-19.

It is important to prevent the infectious disease as it is spreading across the world at a breakneck speed. Moreover, it’s more important for the US as it is suffering the heaviest damages in the world.

Nevertheless, the US has clung to the war maneuvers against north Korea with no heed to the safety and treatment of the people. This shows that its wild ambition to invade north Korea reach an extreme pitch of danger.

The joint drill is a crazy behavior of the war maniacs ignorant of trend of the times.

The south Korea-US bellicose forces should suspend warlike actions at once, mindful that their war maneuvers against north Korea will spark off a big splash at home and abroad.

April 27, 2020


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