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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

It has been sixty years since south Korean students and people launched a nationwide resistance to put an end to fascist rule of Syngman Rhee regime and realize independence and democracy of south Korea.     

The April 19 Popular Uprising was an eruption of pent-up wrath of south Koreans against the 15 year-long colonial rule of the US and its stooges. It was the nationwide resistance against the US and fascism with the participation of millions of people.

The enraged uprisers waged the struggle against the Rhee, putting forward slogans Opposition to March 15 fraudulent election!, Rhee, get out of office! and US, Stop intervention!

Bewildered by the massive resistance, the Syngman Rhee group placed south Korea under martial law to harshly suppress the people.   However, it failed to dampen the spirit of the uprisers and Rhee was ousted from the presidency in the end.

The resistance was the first victory of overthrowing the pro-US dictatorship that had shaken the colonial fascist rule of the US to its very foundation and served as a new turning-point in the struggle of the south Koreans for justice and democracy.

Sixty years have elapsed since the April 19 Popular Uprising. The desire of the uprisers has not yet been realized.

The US domination over in every dimension of political, economic and military fields has been given a steady continuity and the US vicious moves to check the independent aspiration of the south Koreans become more pronounced.

The US has reigned over south Korea by replacing its henchmen with military officers and civilians whenever it finds itself in a pretty fix.

The US, which regards south Korea as a springboard for its national interests, has put pressure upon south Korea to pay its share of defense cost only to betray arrogance and aggressive nature of ruler of south Korea. 

The descendants of military fascist despotism have focused all the efforts on resurrecting the dark age of past riddled with treachery, fascism and inter-Korean face-off .

The south Korean people’s genuine democracy and the right to existence would not come true without termination of the foreign force’s domination over and interference in south Korea and total liquidation of pro-US conservatism.

The south Korean people are required to carry on a stubborn actions against the foreign force and conservatism in the spirit of the April 19 Popular Uprising.

April 18, 2020

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