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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

At the beginning of March, the south Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff launched a computer-aided simulation exercise of the command for four days in the wake of three day-long drill for dealing with crisis.

The above-said fact tells that the south Korean military’s hysterics of confrontation with north Korea remains unchanged, irrespective of COVID-19 chaos.  

Now the world has directed maximum efforts into the prevention of COVID-19 and treatment of the confirmed cases. The same case in south Korea. 

Nevertheless, the south Korean military has carried out war rehearsals to wreck peace of the Korean Peninsula. 

From the beginning of this year, it has conducted military exercises with different missions. It shows the military has only plan of war against north Korea with no heed to the safety of the people.

The military’s belligerence has caused a vicious cycle of confrontation. 

Broad spectrum of south Korean people should accelerate a nationwide action to ensure peace in the Korean Peninsula by making clean riddance of north Korea- targeted war exercises of the south Korean military.

April 7, 2020

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