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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

The 7th meeting for special agreement on defense sharing cost was held in the US from March 17 to 19 between south Korea and the US.

The south Korean military authorities said they would increase defense sharing cost from four to ten percent, purchase the US-made military hardware and pay wages of employees in the US military bases in south Korea. However, the US bulldozed south Korea into paying four billion US$.

It is really brigandish demand.

The true color of south Korea-US alliance, with the veil of “blood-sealed alliance” and “friendly nation”, is brought to light through the meeting.

The US regards south Korea as no more than its colonial servant.

The lopsided relations between south Korea and the US would not produce a fair and rational negotiation.

 The present reality shows that as long as the US occupation of south Korea is going on, misfortune and pain of the south Korean people can never be mitigated.

The south Korean people of all walks of life should wage more courageous actions to drive out the US and its followers. 

March, 30, 2020

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