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Commentary of AINDF Spokesman

 It has been reported that the Pentagon presented a plan for the reduction of the US forces in south Korea to the White house after studying it.

 In this regard, the south Korean public is vocal calling for total pullout of the US troops not reduction.

But the south Korean authorities have misgivings about it.

It is a disgusting behavior of servants of the US colony who are steeped in pro-US worship and regard dependence on outsiders as a mode of its existence.

 The US military occupation of and colonial domination over south Korea are the source of trouble by which the south Korean people have suffered and a main cause of disturbing peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula. 

Far from driving out the US forces from south Korea, they are cling tightly to the coattail of the American master.

The withdrawal of the US troops from south Korea is the unanimous desire of the era and people.

Peace and genuine life of the people are ensured without the US forces.

The AINDF, together with the people of all social strata, would build a new independent society free from the foreign force by driving out the US forces from south Korea and exterminating the pro-US elements.  


July 29, 2020


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