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Condemning the prosecution

On Dec.4, the Progressive Federation of Students of south Korea had a press conference in front of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office to demand strict investigation of the LKP.

The prosecution is keen on nonexistent suspicion instead of investigation of suspicious Hwang and the LKP. The selected investigation of the prosecution is disappointing the people. We demand investigation of Hwang Gyo-ahn, Na Gyeong-won and the LKP, the organization noted.

The prosecution has never been liquidated or reformed since Korea’s liberation. It has only interest to keep its vested rights, indifferent to the people’s demand. The enraged people hold candlelight against the prosecution. From a historical point of view, the people in unity have developed the society. The prosecution and conservative force have made desperate efforts to come back to power. The people’s struggle is necessary to foil its attempt. Let’s carry out reform of the prosecution and liquidation of conservatism by dint of candlelight demonstrations, the participants asserted.

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