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Congratulatory Visit to Ministry of People’s Armed Forces

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, made a congratulatory visit to the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces on February 8, the 71st founding anniversary of the KPA.
He had a significant photo taken with the KPA commanding officers before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il at the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces.
At the conference hall of the ministry, he sat together with generals and other officers of the ministry and commanders of KPA large combined units and combined units and warmly congratulated them on the Day of Army Founding.
He made a highly important speech.
He extended warm congratulations to the beloved service personnel and their families of the entire army celebrating the significant Day of Army Founding at a stirring time when a new decisive phase has been opened in the development of the Korean revolution and the drive for building a powerful socialist country is being pushed forward on a new stage of development.
He said that, meeting the commanders of all army corps, divisions and brigades of the KPA on the significant occasion, he felt like meeting all the service personnel of the army, asking them to convey to all other soldiers the feelings of the Supreme Commander of missing them and wanting to be with them though he is far away from them.
Stressing the need for the People’s Army to effect a great surge and innovations unprecedented in the WPK’s history of revolutionary struggle and the army building this year and thus fulfil its historic mission before the era and the revolution, he set forth militant tasks for the People’s Army.
He said it is the fundamental guarantee for modelling the entire army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, the general task of the army building, and the work of first and foremost importance related to the destiny of the country, the revolution and the people to more thoroughly establish the Party’s monolithic command system in the entire army.
He said the Party organizations and political institutions of the KPA should bear in mind that ideological and moral advantages are the absolute ones of the revolutionary army that cannot be bartered for anything and the guarantee for sure victory, conduct ideological work in an offensive, multilateral and three-dimensional way with the main emphasis put on making the entire army politically, ideologically and morally stronger as the twin pillars and thus make the entire army an ideologically pure entity, a community united by the same blood, thought, intention and destiny with the Party.
Saying that the revolutionary traditions of the Party constitute the blood vessel linking yesterday with today and tomorrow of the Juche revolution and they serve as an immutable cornerstone, he called for directing particular attention to strengthening education on the revolutionary traditions among soldiers to make the revolutionary spirit of Mt Paektu pervade the entire army.
He also underlined the need to profoundly conduct the education on our-state-first spirit with proper methodology and thus make sure that the soldier masses firmly defend with arms the bright future of the socialist country.
He noted that the KPA should strengthen class education in the army as befits the vanguard ranks of the class struggle standing guard over the forefront of defending socialism by holding firm the arms of the revolution and thus mercilessly foil all moves of hostile forces aimed to undermine our ideology and our social system.

He stressed that cooperation between military commanders and political officers should be realized on a higher stage as it is the peculiar work-style of the revolutionary army so as to rally the entire army around the Party as firm as a rock and thoroughly carry out the Party’s military line and policies.
Saying that turning the People’s Army into elite forces is the consistent policy of the Party in building the revolutionary armed forces, he called for thoroughly implementing the five-point policy on effecting a turn in training set forth by the Party Central Committee to make the army ever-victorious one which always wins victories in any operations and battles. He underlined the need to further strengthen the People’s Army politically and ideologically and in military technique in keeping with the requirement of the present times.
He underscored the need to get rid of all old remnants like formalistic style and stereotyped patterns in training and steadily improve the contents and methods of training to suit to the natural and geographical features of the country and to meet the demands and features of modern warfare.
He also called on them to fully incite the training zeal and competitive spirit among soldiers through mass movement, including the movement for becoming crackshots, in the entire army.
A fundamental key to pushing forward the drive for turning the army into the elite revolutionary armed forces lies in ideological revolution, training revolution, modernization of arms and equipment and establishment of military discipline, he said.
He said that all units and subunits of the entire army should raise three winds more fiercely to effect a new turn in improving the logistic supply and soldiers’ life.
He said that the People’s Army should keep holding high the slogan ” Let us take upon ourselves both national defence and socialist construction!” and display the stamina of struggle and creation peculiar to the KPA in all fields of socialist construction called for by the Party and thus play a major role this year, a crucial year in carrying out the five-year strategy for national economic development.
He specified the ways for successfully carry out the important tasks facing the KPA this year, including those for further enhancing the role of Party organizations and political institutions at all levels of the KPA and increasing the military capabilities in every way by braving hardships and difficulties in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.
So great is the trust of the Party in the commanding officers of the KPA, he said, expressing his expectation and conviction that they would take full responsibility for their work before the Party, the revolution, the country and the people and register greater successes in their work.
Firm is the determination and will of the Party to shape a new roadmap toward building a powerful socialist country for realizing the wishes of the great leaders and no force can check the dynamic advance of our country, he said, calling on the entire army to work hard for the accomplishment of the revolutionary cause of Juche in firm unity around the Party Central Committee.
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