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Continued US crime

 Of late, the south Korean people unleash their wrath on the US forces in south Korea as 2 GIS at the US military base in Pyeongtaek committed an outrage to a south Korean and broke down his car.

The US soldiers assaulted south Korean driver and threw bottle of wine at a car.

The US army in south Korea have committed an outrage on south Koreans in May and June before this.

The US forces in south Korea has committed crimes for over 70 years since it occupied south Korea.

However, the present south Korean authorities have not made thoroughgoing investigation into its crimes and punished, bound by unequal joint commission of the SOFA.

On the contrary, they ask for stationing of the US troops in south Korea offering blood tax screwed out of the south Korean people.

As long as the US and pro-US boot licking elements stay in south Korea, the national sovereignty cannot be defended and misfortune and pain can never be mitigated.

It is very important to drive out foreign forces and liquidate treacherous forces. 

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