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Corruption and absurdity being rampant in the south Korean army

 Ever-increasing scandals within the south Korean army arouse public criticism.

Sexual violence within the military followed one after another this year alone.

Two out of five committed suicide after suffering sexual harassment by their seniors.

Nearly 76 percent murdered themselves to evade the violence inflicted upon them, and its rate is rising year after year.

Moreover, decampments caused by maladjustment to military service are prevalent in the army.

The military is rife with corruption such as bribery overlooking inferior equipment made by a private enterprise.

Meanwhile, pollution in army posts is so high and living conditions including drinking water and meals are so poor that many suffer from ill health.

Residents are under constant threat of expired equipment and worn-out magazine neglected for more than 30 years, which may go off  at any moment.

There is really no end to the list of such disgusting state of the army.

It is not too much to say that the south Korean army is an epitome of corruption and absurdity.

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