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Cowardly Violence

The south Korean authorities made a reckless violence against students who occupied the US embassy in Seoul to stage a protest against the US demanding a hike in the defense cost share.

On Oct. 18, seventeen south Korean students affiliated to the Progressive Federation of Students climbed over a wall of the US embassy to find their way into the embassy.

In the embassy they staged the protest carrying placards written “Harris, who is forcing defense cost for the US force by five times, leave this land ”, while shouting slogans “no hike in the defense cost share”, “denounce the US” and “withdrawal of the US army”.

The south Korean authorities made four students arrests.

 The surprise protest is reminiscent of occupation of the US culture house in Busan in the 1980s. It is a patriotic deed of dissatisfaction with the US that regards south Korea as a low-ranking ally and to put an end to the lopsided relations between south Korea and the US.    

It is a righteous action speaking for the public sentiment toward the US which is coercing south Korea to offer astronomical amount of defense cost. 

 The progressive south Korean bodies including the Progressive Federation of Students and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions strongly demand immediate release of the students, praising them as patriots. 

However, the south Korean authorities termed their action as an illegal one. It is a never-to-be-condoned crime against the students and people of various circles aspiring after a new politics and a new life. 

 The broad segments of south Korean people accelerate a vigorous struggle to terminate domination and occupation of the US, achieve national independence and eliminate the pro-US forces. 

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