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Cunning Intention

     Joint military exercises under various codenames including south Korea-US joint war game Ulchi Freedom Shield against north Korea are being conducted in the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity.

Marine drill Pacific Vanguard 2022 is being held with involvement of the US, Australia, Canada, Japan and south Korea in Guam.

Meantime, the south Korean air force is going to take part in the large-scale aerial joint drill Pitch Black 2022 to be held in Australia from August 29 and the south Korean army will participate in the joint military game with the US for a month in California, US from the end of August.

What is chicanery of Yoon Suk-yeol and the south Korean military to conduct the joint military exercises with different missions?

It is to damp down ever-increasing insecurity.  

Yoon, clamoring about tightening of the south Korea-US alliance, resumed north Korea-targeting war games in tandem with the US.   

The situation of the Korean Peninsula is pushed to the brink of a confrontation and south Koreans from various circles are concerned over potential outbreak of a nuclear war that would be caused by Yoon, a stupid guy ignorant of military affairs.

Yoon is conducting the joint military rehearsal to ease insecurity with weak military muscle.

His intention is to secure the capability for carrying out the war against north Korea by conducting the joint exercises with different missions

Yoon, who is steeped in pro-Americanism, promised Biden to be a vanguard for the war against north Korea.

He is going to divert denunciation and backlash at home and abroad by conducting the planned exercises in this year at the same time.

The present economic depression impoverishes the people’s livelihood.

The south Koreans from all walks of life express aversion to the Yoon regime, saying that the government should not lavish the blood tax collected from the south Korean people on the war game but apply it toward the people’s welfare and Yoon should stop the military games and inject energy into the economy.

The military exercises under various codenames are being conducted in south Korea with the advent of the Yoon regime. South Korea should stop the joint military exercises rendering the situation on the Korean Peninsula tense, the international community strongly asserted.

Yoon is simultaneously conducting the joint military exercises with different missions with a view to evade condemnation at home and abroad.

Yoon and the warlike forces are engaged in the joint military exercises, it is only bluff of those who are scared off by the tremendous military muscle of north Korea.  

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