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Dangerous war maneuver

On May 6, the military warmongers of south Korean staged a reckless joint military maneuver in the hotspot waters in the West sea of Korea with the involvement of more than twenty fighters of “F-15K”, “KF-16”, “F-4E” and “FA-50” belonging to the air combat command of the Air Force and storm boats under the Navy’s the 2nd Fleet and others.


The recent joint drill was staged in the air and sea in the biggest hotspot area in the West Sea of Korean in which the military conflicts occurred between the north and the south in the past and it was openly launched.

What merits more attention is that the south Korean military staged the said military drill while calling north Korea their “enemy”.

The south Korean military did not hide the fact that the joint military drill aimed at coping with north Korea’s firepower and surprise “provocation” and striking the base of the “enemy’s provocation” and repelling the forces supporting it.

The reckless military provocation by the south Korean military is a total denial and an open perfidy to the north-south agreement in the military field in which both sides promised the whole Korean nation to stop all the hostile acts against the other party on the ground and in the sea and air, to turn the West Sea zone into the peaceful waters, in particular.

The south Korean warmongers must give up north Korea-targeted war exercises running counter to the intention and wish of the Korean and world people desirous of peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.

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