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Declaration of new KCTU leadership

  South Korean mass media including Jaju Sibo and Newsis reported that Yang Gyeong-su was elected as the chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions at the 10th election of its leadership.                                             

One million-strong unionists ordered me to open a new era through an uninterrupted action. I would never disappoint them and they will see the unprecedented general strike. We will put spurs to the enactment of law on punishment of businesses causing industrial disaster at once, said Yang.  

The south Korean people have expected peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula after the advent of the present government. But it has not been realized, it seems that their hope and expectation changed into discouragement and anger. We also witnessed the reality that south Korea is powerless before the Uncle Sam, Yang noted at a news conference held on January 14.

We will launch an obstinate campaign for the sake of safety of the workers and the drive for independence and peaceful reunification, he said at the press conference.

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