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Defending Socialism with Arms

Kim Jong Iland Kim Jong Un provide field guidance to construction site of Huichon Power Station
Defending Socialism with Arms

Chairman Kim Jong Ilhad devoted himself to defending socialism in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with arms since he began the Songun (military-first) leadership on August 25, 1960, 53 years ago.

The Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army where Kim Jong Ilstarted his Songun revolutionary leadership was the unit that won fame in the combat for liberating Seoul in the past Fatherland Liberation War.

Kim Jong Il‘s visit to that unit was the reflection of his will to embody the great Songun idea of giving definite priority to military affairs.

He strengthened the KPA not only politically and ideologically but in terms of military technique.

He invariably traversed the road of the Songun revolution, shouldering upon himself the destiny of the country and the nation for more than half a century since then.

What was characteristic of Kim Jong Il‘s Songun revolutionary leadership was that he put forward the Korean People’s Army as the main force for building a thriving nation and led its service personnel to make a breakthrough not only in national defense but in socialist construction.

Kim Jong Il put the country’s military capacity on the highest level by providing Songun leadership and brought about the unbreakable great unity of the army and people around the Workers’ Party of Korea.

His Songun leadership foiled the imperialists’ “nuclear racket” and moves to stifle socialism in the DPRK and defended the sovereignty of the country.

It is foolish, indeed, for the U.S. and its followers to talk about “change” and “collapse,” still remaining ignorant of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s invariable will to demonstrate the might of Songun politics.

The exploits of Kim Jong Il who bolstered up the national power of socialist Korea in every way by dint of Songun would last forever.

Kim Jong Il was really a peerlessly illustrious commander, who defended the dignity of the country and nation and socialism by force of arms.

His Songun revolutionary leadership has successfully been carried forward by the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

Under his Songun revolutionary leadership the Korean army and people have firmly safeguarded the gains of revolution and foiled every military provocation of the U.S. and its followers.

It is the revolutionary faith of Kim Jong Un that the eternal strategy for the Korean revolution and a final victory are guaranteed when all service personnel and people are advancing straight along the road of independence, Songun and socialism paved by Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Thanks to the wise leadership of Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Jong Un a new heyday of building the revolutionary armed forces has been ushered in and the DPRK is demonstrating its dignity and might as an invincible power which no enemy dares provoke. 

The DPRK people would surely emerge victorious in their struggle to build a thriving socialist nation, reunify the country and accomplish the cause of independence against imperialism under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.
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