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Degrading SOFA

July 9 this year marks five decades since the Park Chung-hee group of traitors fabricated unequal “Status of Forces Agreement” (SOFA) together with the U.S.

The SOFA inked on July 9, 1966 is a humiliating agreement that justified the U.S. imperialist aggressors’ presence in south Korea and granted them unlimited privileges.

The SOFA is like a noose as it subordinates everything of south Korea to serving the U.S. purpose of aggression.

The agreement ignores the sovereignty of the south Korean people and protects the interests of the aggressor forces from the first article to the last one as it stipulates the issues of “criminal jurisdiction,” “use of land and facilities,” “tax business” and “immigration control,” etc.

The SOFA is the root covering all sorts of crimes committed by the GIs.  

The world-startling outrageous crimes such as the death of two school girls by the U.S. armored vehicle in south Korea is a tragic product made by the unequal and humiliating SOFA.

For the last five decades, the U.S. troops, styling themselves a de facto ruler and occupier of south Korea and an entity with extraterritoriality under the pretext of the agreement, inflicted all unspeakable misfortune and pain on its people.

Recently, the U.S. troops are introducing not only anthrax germs but also Zika virus into south Korea, threatening the lives and security of the south Koreans and getting frantic with moves for a biochemical war against the north.

The SOFA is a treacherous agreement showing frankly that south Korea is a settlement of the US, the medieval slavery one legalizing the GIs’ unrestricted high-handedness and arbitrariness, murder and plunder and, the source of crimes committed in south Korea.       

It is too natural that the south Korean people reject the “SOFA as a traitorous document proving south Korea to be a colony of the U.S.,” “agreement on impunity for U.S. forces” and “document allowing murder”, and struggle for its abolition and the pullout of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces out of south Korea.
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